Our Facilities

State-of-the-art facilities to promote education for life programs

The World Academy - King Abdullah Economic City is a state-of-the-art facility to promote education for life programs.

The Academy is comprised of a series of learning zones, flexibly designed to enable students to learn in a variety of ways, geared to developing independence, self-reliance, creativity and self-confidence. Boys and girls, beginning at Grade 6, will have their own home zones. School buildings are iconic with inspirational and exciting spaces.

The zones are linked to a shared specialist core featuring science, and will include a large multi-purpose hall for performance arts and community gatherings. These facilities comprise the innovative and creative heart of the community and host events that showcase the holistic nature of the School’s programs.

The Phase One facility will serve up to 600 students in Pre-K through high school. The Phase Two completion will provide total capacity of 2260 students.

The Smart School conceptual design includes a wireless school throughout, with interactive white board and computer access

As the Flagship School of King Abdullah Economic City, The World Academy has used the very latest designs to provide the school community with cutting edge facilities, including:

  1. Art and music suites
  2. Fully functioning health clinic
  3. Fully integrated technology across the curriculum
  4. Multi-media performing arts blackbox theatre
  5. Multi-purpose hall for sports and assemblies
  6. Football/soccer field and sprint track
  7. Swimming pool complex and game rooms